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Busselton Marina


There are not many places around the world where sailors and boat owners can have a private jetty just in front of their houses where they can moor their boats. One of these locations is 6km from Busselton with private land and jetties still for sale. The Busselton marina provides excellent facilities for residents, tourists and the broader community offering the usual marina services, as well as hospitality and accommodation for tourists and different types of sporting events such as Port Geographe Race Week and City of Busselton Triathlon.


The Busselton marina experienced in the past issues with the marina entrance which used to accumulate seaweed along the beach. The State Government undertook a $28.15 million works programme to redesign the entrance and built protective groynes creating a better flow of sand and seaweed.


For boat lovers this is the ideal location to take advantage of the convenience of a private jetty and the beauty of living so close to the water.

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