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Kayaking, Rafting & Canoeing

BUSSELTON JETTY TOURIST PARK - Kayaking, Rafting & Canoeing

The South West can also provide great experiences in the countryside. The rivers can provide activities such as kayaking, rafting & canoeing. The major rivers of the region where you can enjoy these activities are:



This river begins at the junction of Arthur River and Balgarup River and travels in a south westerly direction until it reaches the ocean at Hardy Inlet near Augusta. It is the longest river in the South West with a length of 300 kilometres.


In the Blackwood River Valley, or Blackwood Valley, the visitor can find unique rural townsites such as Boyup Brook, Balingup, Nannup and Bridgetown.


Planning ahead before going down the river with a canoe or a kayak is essential. For instance some parts of the river can have fast-flowing water such as in between Bridgetown and Nannup, and can create some challenges such as hidden snags for beginners. After Nannup the water is less hazardous when it winds its way through the Karri and Jarrah forests.


The closest places to hire a canoe are: Boyup Brook Flax Mill Caravan Park, Maranup Ford Caravan Park or the Bridgetown Caravan Park. To find out more information visit the Bridgetown Visitor Centre.



Margaret River rises from the Whicher Range (20km south of Busselton) and extends for 60km until reaches the Indian Ocean next to Prevelly Beach. The river goes through uncleared land, pine plantations, farmland and vineyards; towards the coast the river forms a lagoon before reaching the ocean.



The Abba River and the Vasse River both originate from the Whicher Range and flow in a northerly direction through Busselton and thereafter the Vasse Estuary to the Indian Ocean via Wonnerup Inlet and Geographe Bay.


Before reaching the ocean the wetland also receives water from Ludlow River and Sabina River.  The basin area is over 230km and the length is 32km. This area is popular with bird watchers as it is estimated there are over 20,000 waterbirds and more than 80 species.


Plan your visit after consulting the respective town visitor centres. They have the most comprehensive information about their region. Otherwise, specialist tours are always available to make the most of your trip.

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