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Spring in the South West


Spring in the South West means the best weather conditions for hiking as well as appreciating the wildflowers. The peak season for wildflowers in the South West is later in the spring, mid-September to late October because of its southern latitude.

Here you can find the following wild flowers: royal hakea, pincushion hakea, woolly banksia, grevilleas, isopogons, verticordias as well as the beautiful soft flowers of qualup bells and numerous lilies and orchids.

Some prior research is recommended to make the most of your time; however exploring the area randomly can also take you to amazing spots where you can find:

  • wineries
  • national parks dominated by blue karri Hovea, trailing Clematis, yellow cone bushes, Patersonia, lilies and orchids such as forest mantis, cowslip, common donkey and pink fairy.
  • farm fields transformed by yellow daisies


Busselton is a good place for orchids with a number of nearby parks to explore, such as Captain Baudin, Ambergate Reserve and Whicher Range. Dunsborough is another centre for orchid spotting, in Meelup Regional Park and Big Rock Reserve.


Tuart Forest National Park is situated seven kilometres east of Busselton, where the only remaining natural tuart forest in the entire world can be found. The trees in this section of the forest are estimated to be 300-400 years old.

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